(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 2004)

In book distribution we used to sometimes stand at the station, because there was a covered area there and we would arrange to do it at the station. The station is not like the most wonderful place, because a lot of people – all the people going in are usually in a rush, because they have a train to catch. So they are kind of like not so friendly.

So people are really involved in moving. This is a passionate place to stop them going into the station. Anyway so many people may walk by and are not interested, but sometimes out of nowhere somebody comes and says:

“Give me one of those books!”

That happens. Now you can understand that this is one of the people who have seen you many times. They have walked past you….they are the kind of people who have walk past you so many times! They looked at you and think to themselves:

“Look at those guys with the books there! Those guys with the books again! Again those guys have come with those books! They are always there…rain storm…wind whatever the weather, they are always there”.

So gradually it’s working inside, and one day they get so curious that they say:

“Can I have one of those?”

So by the meditation they got purified. Or someone gets the book in his hand and he holds it. It’s like he is attached:

“Is that for me?”

“Yes we got another promotion copies and we are handing them out today”.

“Is it for me? Can I keep it?”

“Yes you can keep it. We are only asking for the contribution for the printing cost”.

“Thank you so much”.

“Yeah…..yeah, you just give what you can….the doctor just gave twenty five”.

And then he wants to give it back, which is ok, since sometimes they give it back, but they have it in their hands. They almost had it in their hands! They were attached to it but their attachment to money took over. They are more attached to the money they have and the plans they already have with that money. But they are also attached to the books, so it hurts them when they have to give it back.

So therefore, the attachment will be the first thing but never in the future. They may be future customers. They will take it…one day they will take it just because it will be the second time that they will have it in their hands, and this time they cannot give it back again!

Like that, so if someone gives it back then we should not become discouraged, since we should just see, that they’ll take it the next time, or they will take it little bit later.

So we have the transcendental vision, because we understand that transcendental dynamics, since if one becomes attached to Krishna, it is because he is already attached to Krishna! On the outside he is only covered by all this passion…………………….But underneath he is actually attached to Krishna!

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