Just do some service for Krsna. We don’t have to be in anxiety, we can become very peaceful because we can serve Krsna so easily in a very natural way and automatically we’ll become more and more attached to Krsna just by serving. But what if we leave this world before we would become very advanced? Then there is no problem also. There is no problem at all because then there is asa-bandha, hope against hope. It means that even if there is no reason to hope that we will ever be successful because we ourselves are not pure but still we hope that Krsna will give us the mercy because we know that He is very soft hearted and very merciful. So although we are not qualified we will surely get the mercy. And Prabhupada and our spiritual master, they have prayed for us. And if our service is not good enough, Krsna looks at the service of our spiritual master and our spiritual master is asking, ‘dear Krsna, please take this disciple of mine back to Godhead.’ Then what can Krsna do….Krsna says, ‘okay then let him or her go…’ So asa-bandha, hope against hope.

(Kadamba Kanana Maharaja, June 2011, New Ekachakra, Slovakia)

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