(Kadamba Kanana Swami, August 2011, New Vraja Mandala, Spain)

Krsna consciousness is about Krsna, the all-attractive Supreme Personality of Godhead. He attracts. It’s not always that we have to push ourselves to be Krsna conscious- how am I going to be Krsna conscious? Somehow or other I must be Krsna conscious! I don’t know how going to be Krsna conscious! It’s so difficult to be Krsna conscious! How am I going to be Krsna conscious?’ No, that is not our process. Our process is very simple; it is simply to hear about Krsna, to hear about His qualities, to hear descriptions about His form, His pastimes, His name and so on. And sooner or later we will become attracted automatically. It is not possible to hear about Krsna, to hear His name or about His qualities without becoming attracted. It may take some time but gradually it will penetrate. The living entity is covered by a layer of lust and envy but gradually the influence of Krsna will penetrate into those layers and it will manage to attract the heart.


  1. Gokuladas Sharma on

    “O Uddhava, the Gopis have dedicated their heart and soul to Me, snapping for My sake all their physical ties. I sustain those who renounce for My sake all worldly enjoyments and their means. A devotee who has thus surrendered his whole being to Me covets not the position of Brahma, the position of lndra, the position of an Emperor, sovereignty over the nether regions, the eight Siddhis (mystic powers) of Yoga, nay, not even salvation, in which there is no return to this world, apart from Me.”

  2. Gokuladas Sharma on

    “O Arjuna, the Gopis take care of their bodies simply becase they regard them as instruments of service to Me. Besides the Gopis there is none who is the object of My secret and profound Love.”