(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Slovakia)

George Harrison sang the song, and he approached Srila Prabhupada for initiation. And Prabhupada said:

“That’s not necessary. You already have a spiritual name….Harri….son – the son of Hari! So no need for initiation”.

So George Harrison – he sung it and he summed it up! It is in a way it’s our song:

‘I really want to see you Lord, but it takes so long!’.

So in this way we are also approaching Krishna in separation, and we cannot live without Krishna anymore – it’s not possible!

‘How could we live without Krishna?’

No, we can’t since it’s not possible! We are totally attached to Krishna, and the more we serve him than the stronger that attachment becomes! Day by day the depths of our separation from Krishna is increasing!

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  1. What an apt post for the eve of Janmastami! Hope Krsna hears the cry in our hearts and comes!