(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Sweden, 2010)

Transcribed by Madhumati Devi Dasi

In spiritual life we get a bound day by day. Just look at the associates of Lord Krishna – Nanada Maharaja, Yasodha and Rohini as they are all in that mood of parental affection whilst they make such arrangements for Krishna’s breakfast. It is just inconceivable and Krishna, who is half of the time distracted – as Radharani is there and she distracts His mind. He forgets to eat. He half plucks into the preparation and then Mother Yasodha is on top of Him:

“ Krishna your not eating!”

Krishna said:

“I have already eaten so much and I am already completely full.”

“No you have hardly eaten anything and you are getting weak. You have to go to the  forest for the entire day, and it has to last a long time…. so you may feel full now, but very soon it will be digested and there will be nothing to eat till lunch.The preparation is very nice and you will really like it.”

She is trying to get Him to eat. He doesn’t but Rohini has personally cooked and Yasodha says to Rohini:

“You speak to him, now”.

Rohini is considering herself to be Krishna’s mother and says:

“Listen to your mother. You are killing your mother by not eating what she has cooked for You. Please eat,”

So Krishna has to eat and eat and eat and they are forcing him more and more to eat and finally the whole ordeal of breakfast is over and it is time to go. They follow Him to the edge of the forest and then Krishna says:

“No…. no, you cannot come!”

Krishna finally asks his mother:

“What is most important for us?”

“Cows of course.”

Then Krishna says:

“ Isn’t it true that we put the cows before us? “

“Yes of course we do”.

“Then I can’t have shoes unless all the cows and calf’s have them”.

Mother Yasodha couldn’t arrange it, so that Krishna got out of it and then finally he wanted to go and Mother Yasodha, Nanda Maharaja and other elders follow him and then Krishna said:

“We cannot get in the mood of playing with the cow heard boys if the elders are around and they still don’t go so”.

So Krishna  gets heavy and  says:

“ I will go to hell if you don’t go now! If I cannot go to the forest to play with the cow heard boys and the cows, then I cannot do my sewa. Then I will go the hell if I cannot serve the cows because of you”.

They still don’t go,  so the final argument that does it is was:

“If you don’t go home to cook then I will go hungry for lunch. I will not get lunch”.

Then they realise and finally they go and get ready to prepare lunch and like that Krishna can finally go alone in the forest. So we can see the residence of Vrindavan – they get more and more bound to Krishna so much that they can’t leave him and in his absence they are also bound that they can only think of Krishna!



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