(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 2011)

We are trapped in birth, death, old age and disease. So these are the real traps and no matter how you arrange the society…no matter where we live or how comfortable one lives, no one can overcome these basic problems.

Birth, disease old age and death, will always re emerge no matter what and there we are really trapped -trapped in suffering. So this understanding comes gradually. In the beginning one thinks:

‘That in the world there is happiness and distress….there is enjoyment and suffering….and if only I could get all the enjoyment and avoid the suffering then everything would be great! And that’s all….and its just a matter of figuring it out. Eventually somehow or other doctor it out. A little suffering – alright we can take, but if it’s mostly enjoyment then my life is a success!’

Gradually we realise that whatever enjoyment there is in the material world then it is very meagre…very limited and that basically it can never fulfil our need for enjoyment! We may enjoy but there is no fulfilment…and between the two there is a big difference. Yes enjoy but still unfulfilled. That is the best we can get out of material enjoyment. So what to do! And that is temporary also! Therefore, gradually we begin to see with a more sharp focus!

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