(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 2011)

We are fighting the illusion on different levels – on the gross level….it’s not difficult. We are walking around down town London and we’ve seen it all before. We know what it’s like in the pubs. We know what that life is like. If one forgets something in the pub late at night, and one goes back the next morning to pick it up…the smell in the morning in that pub is inconceivable. One might think:

“Was I really there last night? I didn’t smell anything then, but in the morning, what a smell…. hell!”

That kind of grossness…the grossness of outright sinful activities are not difficult to pierce through, but the more subtle effect of maya is the hope that maybe after all, it can still attack us! And then in this age we are so weak. This is the age that we are so thoroughly corrupted!

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