As we are going through life so many times we just choose the wrong thing, knowingly. We just choose something in this temporary world and it’s just love and this love and that love and so much love and then so much misery! It’s amazing, it happens and again and again it happens. And we think, ‘well this time it’s real, absolutely. This time it’s different.’ But it’s not any different at all, it’s the same as all the other times! Exactly the same, again and again.

That is what Bhagavatam is telling us. And we say, ‘no, no, no…Bhagavatam doesn’t know what it’s talking about! That’s a book and this is life. Not everything in life can be in a book.’ No, it’s all in the book, it really is. It’s all in there. Everything that’s there in life, it’s all in Bhagavatam. It’s not that something hasn’t been included in the Bhagavatam. It’s all there, it’s all there…

(Kadamba Kanana Maharaja, August 2010, Sweden)

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