(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Finland, 2011)

Only Vishnu can award liberation, and only Krishna can award prema or love of God. So in this way we understand that the chanting of the name of Krishna must be done in a appropriate mood:

A mood of humility; a mood of respect; respect for the vaisnavas; respect for the Vedas; respect for the Spiritual Master; respect for the deities. In this way one can through the chanting, approach Krishna because, ‘Naham prakasah sarvasya yoga-maya-samavrtah’ (BG 7.25) 

Krishna says that:

“I remain covered by the yoga maya energy and unless I reveal myself, I cannot be known. That is the situation.”

So when Krishna is pleased with our attitude of humility, and our respectful attitude towards Guru, Sadhu and sastras, then Krishna will reveal himself. So this is an important element in the chanting!

It’s not like some sort of yoga exercise where through certain regular exercises we are building up strength! It’s not a mechanical process. It’s not that the strength is the result of our own efforts. The strength that we receive is the gift of the Lord! If He so desires by His causeless mercy, He will bestow the strength upon us. This is the nature of the chanting. Therefore, the chanting is never a mechanical process, and therefore one can never say:

“If I have chanted one million names, than surely Krishna will reveal Himself!”

There’s no such thing, since Krishna reveals Himself whenever He desires….whenever He is pleased. So in this way the chanting of the Holy name is an intimate interaction with Supreme Personality of Godhead!

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