(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Finland, 2011)

There are techniques you can use to control the mind. We can obviously chant in a peaceful place. We have to make sure that we have rested enough and things like that. We have to put business aside. These are the techniques for controlling the mind by discipline.

So there is an element of discipline that we are trying to control. The other element is that the mind becomes attracted by Krishna! That we actually become captured by Krishna! So I am interested in that part! That’s what I want to develop that bigger and bigger….more and more!

When I am chanting that is what I am thinking about…Krishna’s attractive features. What attracts me in Krishna, is that it inspires me. Sometimes before I chant, I first read until I get across something that really inspires me and then I start chanting…and then the chanting is very inspiring! Lke that I try to allow myself…my mind to be attracted to Krishna, because He is attractive!

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