(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Finland, 2011)

If we are not absorbed in glorifying Krishna, then we will look to be glorifying ourselves. So also in chanting we have this tendency. We are the first one up and already chanting and everyone can hear, and the mind goes:

“I’m the first one up…I’ll chant a little louder so everyone can hear!”

I saw someone who had not sixteen counting beads but sixty four. So then we can see immediately what kind of chanting that is. That is not being absorbed in just glorifying Krishna. That is being absorbed in being glorified ourselves. So how much devotional service are we actually doing to be glorified?

“I’m leading the kirtan….. I’m playing the kartals ………I’m playing the mrdanga!”

So how much is done for show? And how much are we doing it for show? Because we are addicted. Addicted to this glorification. We are always looking for this glorification. It comes out of a type of insecurity maybe. Some fear of rejection and we are just constantly looking for recognition. So one has to become very sober in chanting of the Holy Names!

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