(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Finland, 2011)

So there is such a thing as mentally contaminated. For example it says:

“One cannot drink water from the bathroom”.

You cannot do that, but here you know the bathroom is on the one side and then there is a kitchen sink on the other side. It said:

“One cannot fill one’s drinking water from the bathroom!”

“Well why not? It’s like the same water. Maharaja it is the same water. It comes from the same water line. One goes to the left and the other goes to the right that’s all. It is the very same water…there is no difference!”

“Yes it maybe the same water….that is true. But the water from the bathroom is meant to be contaminated”.

So in this way many things are mentally contaminated, and maybe all within the four regulative principles, but vegetarian hotdogs are meant to be contaminated. On a subtle plane you maintain a connection to a sinful culture. So this is something that we have to consider!

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