(Kadamba Kanana Maharaja, August 2010, Finland)

As a holiday job I used to work for the post office and if you worked at night they would pay almost double so then in a short time you could make a lot of money. My job was to throw bundles of mail in bags. These bags were hanging in racks- maybe 50 bags and I was just throwing bundles. So it was sort of a sport to get a bundle in the bag and I was getting better at it because the whole night I was doing it and I was getting faster and faster and I was like ‘whoosh! Whoosh!’ and throwing these bundles in the bag, really fast. And then some heavy guys came to me and they said, ‘stop it! Stop it! We don’t want this here! You’re working too fast! Slow down!’

And that’s really what it’s like…people go to work and they sit down behind their computer and they go on the internet when the boss is not around. And then as soon as the boss comes up they quickly change the screen and they are working….and everyone is just filling his pockets with paper clips and rubber bands from the office and taking it home and pens and anything that they can get. They feel, ‘it’s my right, I’m working so hard here and they hardly pay me anything. The least I can do is take some paper clips and rubber bands and whatever else…’ So like that, as little work as possible and take as much as possible. That is the mood of the worker and the result is that everyone is doing half work and nobody is satisfied.

But in devotional service when we actually try to do really nice quality service for Krsna then there is some sort of strange feeling called ‘satisfaction!’ Something that is unknown…. ‘What is this? What is this strange feeling?’ It’s called ‘satisfaction!’ That gives us the taste in spiritual life. Making a sacrifice for Krsna, that is satisfying, knowing that Krsna is pleased that we did the best we could…

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