(Kadamba Kanna Swami, Finland, 2011)

Such spontaneous devotional service can manifest in all kinds of ways:

We had a Catholic priest who was visiting our temple. Suddenly somebody walked by with a tray full of maha prashadam, and there were some balloon puris on there. This priest just suddenly became taken over, and he just grabbed one! Just like that, he took the puri – something nobody would do in a strange place, but he did it because somehow or other he got taken over to the spontaneous platform, and he took that puri.

Something similar was going on when Srila Prabhupada was flying on the plane. Srila Prabhupada had some puffed rice in a bowl. He was eating this puffed rice and the stewardess who was just walking past, and somehow or other she became completely attracted to that puffed rice, and she said:

“Oh, that looks very nice!”

And she just put her hand in there and took some out of Prabhupada’s bowl! Just like that it was completely spontaneous.

Going to another level….for a moment stepping out of the stewardess and passenger reality and onto an eternal plane where the opportunity was there to get the remnants of the pure devotee. She took it and she got it – Prabhupada’s remnants.

So what an amazing thing, and she became a devotee, of course later on….naturally…I mean how could she not, after getting Prabhupada’s remnants. So amazing things are sometimes taking place in devotional service!

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