(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Finland, 2011)

In the material world (if some of you may remember), you go to the material party and it’s a big thing. Then the morning after, you wake up with a huge headache from all the alcohol and everything. You feel terrible …and it’s like a hangover from the night before – that’s a material party.

But the spiritual party (besides the fact that we are having a good time whilst we are having a party) has a spiritual dimension, that you are also making an eternal spiritual advancement at the same time! We eat and stuff ourselves:

“Yes, I’ll have some more of that apple pie…yes I will!”

But the apple pie is also giving us eternal spiritual benefit…………………..this is the amazing thing about this movement. One always makes spiritual advancement…..always!

Prabhupada once mentioned that:

“Even the devotee who is always sleeping – he makes spiritual advancement because at least he is sleeping in the temple!”

So like that, everyone is getting the benefit, and it is important that we appreciate how much benefit there is, how much mercy there is and how wonderful it is! It’s just amazing how much better the quality of life of a devotee is!

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