(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Modra, Slovakia, 2011)

Mankind is so proud of his knowledge, and especially in modern times, because modern man is sort of looking back at history with a smile. Smiling at history from considering that they didn’t have any decent instruments, they did quite well. But surprisingly they knew many things in the past. Never before has men known so much as they know now!

Nowadays, we know everything about everything:

‘What is left to know?’

There are no questions left. All questions have been answered! Coincidently just now, man is now at the height of his greatness, never before! Never before where we were so learned……so great! Just now we have the greatest civilisation that earth has ever known:

‘Isnt it? Is it?’

But as we are discovering so many new things, we also forget so many old things!

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