(Kadamaba Kanana Swami, lecture from 17.07.2011. at Fruska Goranga Summer Camp, Serbia)


 Transcribed by Dahani dd

This reciting of the Bhagavatam, or the message of the Bhagavatam, can bring about the revolution in the impious life of a misdirected civilization. So weather we are speaking about a revolution of the world at large, or we are speaking about a revolution in our own life, it is the same revolution.

Through this Bhagavatam one can make a major change, and the aim is to become saintly persons. It is not sufficient to just be a member of the Hare Krishna movement, to even be initiated from the Hare Krishna movement, to wear tilak and neckbeads and to do those things… It’s not only about what we do, but it is also about who we are.

We have to be saintly persons. That is truly the aim of connecting to this  movement.

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