(Kadamba Kanana Swami, New Ekacakra, Slovakia, 2011)

We catch ourselves in all these weaknesses, but anyway, we just somehow or other at least do the minimum. The minimum must be done. If we don’t fulfil the minimum requirement, then we have to stay in the material world….then we remain in the bodily concept of life! Then there is no guarantee that it will get better in any life nearby in the future.

One can very easily again become covered over for a longer period of time. It is said that devotional service is never lost!

‘neha nehabhikrama-naso sti
pratyavayo na vidyate’ ,(BG.2.40)

And you have heard many times before, that if you don’t complete devotional service in this life than you will continue it in the next life. Well that is to say that if we get the opportunity to continue, but we are still jivas who have minute independence, and with our minute independence, we can choose to serve Krishna… or not, and that choice we have to make again and again!

So there is no guarantee that just automatically we will be in Krishna Consciousness in our next life!

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