(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Martin, Slovakia, 2011)

The whole world has a spiritual tradition. Just see everywhere in every country, there are temples mosques, churches and all kinds of religious things. There are pyramids. The whole world has many traditional monuments everywhere.

I went to Rio De Janeiro and on the side of the city where the mountain is, there is a 45 metres high statue of Jesus. It’s impressive, when you stand in the city of Rio De Janeiro, then you can see that statue, which really looks like somebody is watching over this city. Some people may or may not believe it, but it does emanate some power.

If we go to Rome and look at the Vatican, it is impressive. Such a big building that we become a little humble. Our mind goes through different moods. Sometimes we are proud….we feel strong, and other times when we stand on top of a mountain we feel small! In all the traditions of the world we find an exceptional class of people, which are known as the saints.

The west has its saints….the east has its saints. These saints are people who are very religious minded, and they seem to have a great happiness within.

So history had its saints and also in modern times, there are still saintly people – people who are willing to work for the benefit of others!

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