(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Modra, Slovakia, 2011)

All the temporary relationships in this world will oneday break our heart, but spiritual things are not like that – they are eternal. The kirtan is not at all temporary. It hasn’t stopped….it’s still going on. It continues in our consciousness. Maybe it looks like the music has stopped and that may echo for a little while in our minds until we forget it.

The name of Krishna is non different from Krishna, and the connection we made with Krishna in this kirtan, that will continue from where we left off! So the kirtan is not temporary………………………Our eternal relationship with Krishna is getting deeper and deeper. Devotional service is different. There is always this eternal damage. First we know it theoretically, and then as we begin to perceive Krishna more than we know it practically….and then we get more and more enthusiastic about it, and we begin to get addicted to kirtan. We can’t stop anymore. We have to do it again and again until we lose our voices…until we have no hands left…..and even then in between we still do it again. It becomes a transcendental addiction!

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