(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Modra, Slovakia, 2011)

To be a strict vegetarian is not so easy….to eat nothing from a kitchen that is not vegetarian, which means you can hardly eat anything! You come with your relatives and you can’t eat anything. They offer you a cookie and you read the label and say:


“Would you like some juice….maybe?”

Then it happens to have preservatives and ‘E’ numbers that are suspicious.

In the end you say:

“I’ll have some water.”

So how can people live like that? How can they remain convinced to be so different?

To dress up for a day in a carnival costume and walk around town – that’s all right! But to live like that everyday of your life….and people just looking at you like:

“Someone who is crazy and has just escaped from a mental asylum”.

So why would people continue to live like this? Why would you do it? There must be something….there must be some taste! So people who engage in devotional service they must get something.

Psychologists may say:

“Well, they get a sense of belonging in a group. You know in these cults people are closely together that gives a sense of belonging…you know that helps people with mental weakness!”

It is not so easy to live in a group. It’s all right now for a little program when the house is full like this, but if this was to go on much longer than it would get a bit too intense! We want some privacy.

So how can people continue year after year? That is the secret – there must be something to it….They must be get something otherwise why would somebody do this?

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