(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Finland, 2011)

I went to Woodstock, and there in amidst of four thousand hippies who were all there, I saw all kinds of people. They had a pipe in the middle, and there was water coming out like a fountain. There was a really big fat man, who was wearing only swimming trousers or shorts or something like that. This man was lying in the mud and rolling in it. He was covered in mud. I have never seen a human being look more like a pig than him! He was literally big and fat and rolling in the mud. I thought:

“Where am I?”

Then I was in the village of peace with Indradyumna Maharaja, and suddenly Jagai and Madhai walked in, out of nowhere. Madhai was wearing a crown made from a cardboard box, and he had put wine bottles in the crown. There were all series of wine bottles like a crown on his head. And Jagai had his dreadlocks tied to empty beer cans. So he had a load of empty beer cans.

So they were walking in and they couldn’t walk straight. They came in and I wanted to give them a contract. I thought:

“I’m going to sign these guys in the play and hire them as Jagai and Madhai”.

I have never seen such good Jagai and Madhais like that – they were the best. About fifteen minutes later I saw them with a plate of prasadam and they were feeding each other! They were taking a bite from the papadum. It was already clear that Lord Caitanya’s movement had already got them, because even if you just serve the holy name; even if you partake in the sankirtan; even if you don’t chant; even if you do a little sewa….serving the holy name is already giving benefits!

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