(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Helsinki, Finland, 2011)

A vaisnava must be honest even if that honesty is to his own disadvantage – he should not sacrifice it. He should publicly just maintain his honesty, and like that a vaisnava should stand for integrity. In the beginning devotional service is based on what you do, and as time is continuing it’s not just what you are doing but also who you are, that is becoming important………more and more it becomes who you are! That we have to become saintly personalities!

It starts with commitments…………you have to make commitments. We have to start making commitments to certain things:

‘Ok I am making a commitment to rise early, whether I am tired or not; I am making a commitment to be truthful; I am making a commitment to be tolerant; I am making a commitment to be clean.’

So gradually by making all these commitments, we are making a change, and in that way we are building our integrity!

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