After the initiation ceremony in Sydney on Thursday morning (6 October), Kadamba Kanana Maharaja flew to Melbourne, where a fully scheduled week of programs awaited him. Upon arrival, he attended a nice home program. The highlight of the evening was an explosive kirtana, followed by a short lecture where he explained how one can only see the real value of something when one puts Krsna next to it.

The next evening Maharaja led a Maha Harinama that started-off in Crossways at a devotee restaurant in down-town Melbourne. It was a rocking trip through crowded streets and shopping centres with many enthusiastic devotees. Click here for the ecstatic video!

On Saturday morning, after giving the Srimad-Bhagavatam class, Maharaja initiated two devotees. They were a married couple of Indian descent who were named Vrajanatha Dasa and Sadhumati Devi Dasi. The class will be available shortly.

Later that day, Maharaja began a three-part seminar entitled Become a Champion Chanter. Click here for the recordings. The seminar took place in the very room that Prabhupada stayed in when He visited Melbourne. There was an overwhelming response and the room was filled with devotees. After leading an inspiring bhajana to inaugurate the session, Maharaja spoke on the topic of nama tattva based on the Caitanya Caritamrita. The day concluded with a Question and Answers program at the Bhakti Bhavan centre near the temple.

The seminar continued on Sunday, where Maharaja elaborated further on the meaning of the Holy names. In the last session, he concluded by telling educational stories on the subject matter. Maharaja then went on to give the Sunday Program Srimad-Bhagavatam class and at the end, he led the visitors in the chanting of one round of Japa on chanting beads. Enjoy the pictures!

If you cannot view this slide show, please visit flickr.

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