(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Melbourne, Australia, October 2011)

If one commits nonsense in Vrindavan, then the reactions are much stronger than anywhere else. So one must go to Vrindavan in a pure state. It is said that if one is unable to be pure, then one should stay for three days only, because everyone can manage that length of time …………………………………………But one who is more serious in spiritual life, then he can stay there for three months, but they must be pure for three months. And one who is very serious can stay there for thirty years or their entire life. So Vrindavan is like that!

So this month is also for that – it is a month to just be serious! And why can we not do it? The Muslims are doing Ramadan – all of them……………that is one thing that they really do – some may cheat a little bit! But still they are all doing Ramadan quite seriously. Whatever they maybe doing, at least they do Ramadan. Of course it is to eat before and to eat after – that we know. The poor goats and cows are slaughtered…..which is not so good, but anyway they do their fast. They are serious about their dharma. They actually get blessings for that!

So we cannot be so weak to say:

“One month…..so how can I do it for a month?”

If they can do it, then we can also do it for one month!

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