Kadamba Kanana Maharaja continued his stay in Melbourne for another five days. After a day of rest on Monday (10 October) he attended a university program. Maharaja spoke on the topic of STRESS where he explained a deep spiritual paradox i.e. in order to not be stressed we need to stress for the right thing!

The next day Maharaja went to the Krsna Feast in Crossways. Here again, he delivered a wonderful talk and rocked all the visitors with a flying kirtana. Click here to listen to the class or to watch the Kirtana!

During the week Maharaja went to daily home programs in various places. The focus of his classes was on the month of Kartika. The week winded-up with a disciple lunch where Maharaja and all his local disciples assembled for kirtana and prasadam.

On Saturday, he left Melbourne for Canberra. Enjoy!

In case you cannot view this slideshow, just visit flickr!

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