(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Melbourne, Australia, October 2011)

We can also sometimes step out of the identity of being a devotee. Time is such a thing, we forget to chant our rounds…….everyday you are trying, but then you forget:

‘ Did I chant them anyway? What can I do? There is no time. Tomorrow again – no time again, well I cannot manage sixteen rounds, I will manage eight………..I cannot manage eight. I will manage four……or even that is impossible.’

Suddenly, Krishna Consciousness has disappeared:

‘How it happened? I don’t know?’

So that sometimes happens, but of course we may forget Krishna, but Krishna will not forget us!

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    Totally agree, that we are really forgetting our identity. Some seem not to take any interest in their identity.Animals seems to be more aware of their identity. Some beleive they are born for ” Khale pile zindagi mein kaba” a very fooish philosophy. 90 % of the people on this planet do not care about what is our main aim of coming on this planet. Am a Music Teacher and I usually come in contact with thousands of students listeners and artists and all of them believe that their main aim is to learn and get a good degree to get a better job and earn big salary keep a beautiful car, house and ….So all of their are job oriented. As for me nobody can confirm with guarantee that they have seen God but at least they all use his voice which is known as Swar(a musical sound) so it means that we all have felt His Swar Swami vivekanand has put it rightly that “Beuuty is the smile of God and Music His Voice.” For me to be able to know ourself we have to identify ourself to God thru His voice “Swar” So come lern Indian Music which is God’s own voice and am sure you will oneday be able to realise about the aimm of our existence and thus know our identity. Mohur Lall.