(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Helsinki, Finland, 2011)

Devotee: To have children is also a way of making the movement grow!

Maharaja: You can see that the Muslims are doing well. They have twelve children, and the Muslim population is growing everywhere. So therefore, having children in Krishna Consciousness is all right. One can try to make these children into devotees. It is not always easy because they also have a mind of their own!

One cannot make it the all in all. The female tendency is that once the child is there and then it’s like the whole universe is centred around the child! So in everything its:

‘The child…..the child…….the child’

But Krishna should stil be more important than the child! The universe should continue to be centred around Krishna. So that’s an adjustment, which takes a little bit of an effort to return it, and that is okay. We can understand that it is all about giving the children Krishna, and then you do what you can for your children but you are also a little detached. You also seem like:

“Well let’s see what they will become. So it’s all through a little independence. These children are placed under my care for sometime by the Supreme Lord. Their souls are on their own way, and for a little while, I can try to give them with as many benedictions as possible……and that’s what I am doing with these children. They are really not like expansions from me……and it’s not really like, I am living in my son! Or a little piece of me is living in my son!”

No! These are simply spirit souls who are placed in our care for a little while, and we have the opportunity to give them mercy as much as possible – that’s all and then we are a little detached with the result of Krishna!

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