(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Helsinki, Finland, 2011)

Vedic culture is sometimes very rigid in following rules and regulations. Especially nowadays, they do not even know why. The main reason why many Hindus are becoming Christians is because their elders are enforcing all these things, and they can’t say why.

It’s like stricter than strict………because India has been ruled by the smarta-brahmanas for a very long time. The smarta-brahmanas are particularly into following all rules and regulations. They have imposed upon society with so many rules and regulations. So everyone is just following someone:

“ No…no…. no, you cannot drink like this! No…no…no you cannot do it at all!”

So there is excessive stress on following rules and regulations, in India due to thousands of years of smarta-brahmanas. So this excessive attachment to rules and regulations that is existing in India.

But on the other hand, in the vaisnava culture, we are also careful of maya. So there is strictness…..strictness is needed, because we are afraid of maya….so we are strict. So it is difficult to understand exactly the borderline….it takes time to understand in depth the distinction between vaisnava culture and vedic culture.

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