(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Helsinki, Finland, 2011)

I grew up in a family where the house was a big thing. My father always wanted a bigger house. We had nice house. There were three of us kids, and we all had our own room. There was also a guest room. So I thought:

“It was fine”.

There was a nice garden with fruit trees…..basically it was a nice house!

But no, we had to have a bigger house and anybody who came, got the full tour of the entire house, which took twenty minutes at least:

“And here we have the Italian marble wall……..and there is an empty table, and that mirror is also two hundred years old……….and then we are going upstairs. This is the study……and this is the bedroom, and this is the room for the dog!”

It was just a waste of time (as far as I was concerned) since so much energy was going into the house. So much thinking:

“The house….the house, the house!”

So this is not a vaisnava’s business. So devotees will also recognise within themselves the same tendencies………………………………………The Bhagavatam is the absolute truth which is holding up the mirror to us, and we have to just look at it like that:

“Well, I guess that I also have these tendancies”.

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