(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Melbourne, Australia, October 2011)

If we read Lord Krishna’s daily activities in the Bhagavatam or the Krishna book (of when He was in Dwarika) then we would find out by reading that Krishna would avoid inauspicious influences in the morning. Krishna would try to see only auspicious things – like a cow, or hear only auspicious things. He would mediate and give to charity in the morning. The whole idea was that the morning was reserved for auspiciousness.

How different is the worldly lifestyle, where people drink a cup of coffee and place it on the top of the newspaper, which is on the table – like that and possibly smoke at the same time! Or maybe have some breakfast at the other corner of the paper, and in between the horrible news! So they have un-offered foodstuff and get sinful reactions in what they eat, and throw some intoxication on top…………….and meanwhile pollute the mind with the newspaper…………..and that’s normal and all over in India…..that’s everywhere. So that is their morning.

But for the devotee it is different. In the morning there is auspicious sound vibration, and in that way by hearing auspicious sounds, by reciting, by chanting every morning we are purified! And this is required because that will give us the strength to deal with the three modes of material nature!

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