(Kadamba Kanana Swami, March 2011)

Run around for Krishna! Get really excited for Krishna about what we are having to do:

“Oh, I have to do all these things! So many things I have to do for Krishna! It’s too much…..it’s too much! I have to do all those things. I don’t know how I can manage all of this? It’s too much.”

This is perfect! This is how it should be! If you think:

“I have too much service!”

That’s perfect! You should have too much service. You should have so much service that you should be totally in anxiety:

“I’m totally in anxiety about all this service!”

Fantastic………fantastic! Because you want it, and not a second left to being in the anxiety about the material desires that are deeply rooted in the heart! This is how it is because we are so passionate, that we couldn’t just peacefully sit there and chant the whole day!

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