(Kadamba Kanana Swami, New Ekacakra, Slovakia, 2011)

We have to try and understand what Krishna is teaching us. Krishna is the teacher. He is teaching Bhagavad Gita. So Krishna says:

“In this material world there are three modes of material nature. We gradually have to rise from the lower modes of nature of passion and ignorance to the mode of goodness!”.

In the mode of passion, we don’t think, we react immediately! If someone says:

“You stupid!”
We say:

No thinking in between, since in the mode of passion we respond immediately! But in the mode of goodness, we don’t respond immediately, since we have to think first! So if someone says to us:

“You stupid!”

“I have to think about that. Or maybe he’s right… but still I wish he didn’t say all of that to me.”
Well Krishna says in ‘The Nectar of Instructions’ that:
“There are six loving exchanges between devotees”.

It says that one of these exchanges is that you have to give gifts to devotees.
“Maybe I’ll try that… or some prasadam – maybe that will work”.
Even if the other devotee still doesn’t change, and continues to say:
“You stupid”.

At least we will change by trying to act as a vaisnava, and gradually we develop the qualities of the vaisnava, and then we become more tolerable by doing all of these things. So we are no longer disturbed.

The fact that we are disturbed when someone doesn’t behave very nicely with us, means that we are still under the influence of the three modes of material nature. So we are not transcendental.

So lets first come to the mode of goodness and think before we act, and look at what Krishna says, to do in these situations. That’s how we deal with these situations!

Everyone has somebody or a few people who they don’t get on so well with. Some people don’t get on with anybody! We have to try to change, by becoming more in the mode of goodness. It will take some time, but we have to practise it!

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