(Kadamba Kanana Swami, June 2011)

We find that sometimes philosophers are bringing up the point that:

“How can there be a God? Who is the creator of the material world?”

And they speak out against the designed argument that there is an intelligent design behind this world! For example, a philosopher like Yeung would speak out against this and would say:

“How can it be when there are imperfections in this world. Floods, earthquakes and so on It shows that it’s not going on perfectly”.

A somewhat shallow understanding. Not understanding that first of all, the whole material world is not going on by Krishna’s desire. Not at all! It is not going by Krishna’s desire, it is Krishna’s design! But it is going on in response to the desires of the living beings of the conditioned souls, and it’s a perfect response to those desire less of the conditioned souls. Sometimes frustrating the desires, and sometimes fulfilling the desire, and that’s the design. But it is not Krishna’s desires. Krishna’s doesn’t desire the whole material world! And still He comes into the material world to tolerate it!

The material world is just a bit too much, and therefore this is not going on by Krishna’s desires but our desires! We are the ones who provide the fuel for the spinning of the planets. It’s us….it’s our desire to enjoy this material energy, that keeps it going and not Krishna’s desire! It’s Krishna’s will and energy that keeps everything going but it’s not his desire!

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