(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Melbourne, Australia, 2011) Lecture – Become a champion chanter

Through such mantras one can do something undoubtedly. So if we chant the Hanuman Chalisa on all the windows…..every window! Just to make sure that nothing will happen. So like that we are into the ritual, but when we understand the essence of the ritual, is when the boss is satisfied. You don’t have to go to through the normal procedures. If the boss is satisfied, then it is okay, you will surpass everything.

Therefore if we turn to Krishna, then it is not required. Of course, some ways of making offerings to Krishna is also there, but it becomes simplified, and yet the bhakti increases….the dedication must increase. So we are not so concerned.

I was in a house program, and the people had cooked pure vegetarian food and they asked our devotees to offer it, and the devotees did that. But then one brahmacari, had two people standing with him with the harinam chadhar, and it was going on behind the hariman chadhar. Suddenly a lot of smoke….a lot….and loud bells sounded, ‘ting…ting…ting!’ And there is smoke everywhere:

“Now it is really prasadam!”

It was a lot of smoke, but it is not like that at all, since the smoke is one bundle of incense. A big bundle of incense – that is the smoke. It is not about how many bells were ringing or the amount of smoke, since it is simply about bhakti, and how one is dedicated to Krishna with purity in the heart….that is what counts!

When the pure devotee offers it very simple, but he does it with full bhakti, then the full potency is there! So we must understand the difference between bhakti and ritualistic activity, and that bhakti is beyond all ritualistic activity. And in the chanting of Hare Krishna brings us to the point of developing love for Krishna, which goes beyond ritual!

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