(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Melbourne, Australia, 2011)

A story about Krishna from the book ‘Gopala Champu’ by Jiva Goswami. We recall when Krishna lived in Dvārakā. At that time, there was a an eclipse. A full eclipse where the eclipse of the sun was being predicted. So everyone was worried about it and Vasudeva decided that they should all go to Kuruksetra, to perform a big sacrifice there. Therefore, the whole entire family of the Yadus went to Kuruksetra and a big arrangement for a sacrifice was being made, and all on the order of Vasudeva who was arranging for everything.

It was just at that time, Nanda Maharaj was also coming to visit and he arrived. When Krishna saw Nanda Maharaj, then Krishna became so emotional and so did Nanda Maharaj. Vasudeva had never seen Krishna like that. Then he said out loud:

“It’s not surprising that Krishna is so attached to Nanda Maharaja, although Nanda Maharaj was not his real father, but of course he stayed there for a long time”.

Nanda Maharaj didn’t even hear that, he just saw Krishna and Krishna saw Nanda Maharaj. Then a brahmana came and said to Vasudeva:

“Please, you must come now for the sacrifice, so that we can counteract the inauspicious influence of the eclipse”.

And Jiva Goswami or some narrators who tell story say:

“What is the question of any inauspiciousness when Krishna is there!”

So the whole sacrifice was not required, because Krishna was present. Nanda Maharaj understood that there was no need for a yajña. But Vasudeva wanted to do the yajña, to ward off the inauspiciousness. So here, we see something between the mood of Dvārakā, and the mood of Vrindavana, which is very interesting. How in the mood of Dvārakā, there is all this opulence so they are into the external ritual, and for the sake of dharma and everything! But in Vrindavana:

‘It’s okay, we have Krishna. When Krishna is here then everything is auspicious…..where there is Krishna ”.

The gopis have that same mood! So one who chants the holy name of Krishna, goes for the essence – ‘Krishna, Krishna, Krishna!’

Wherever there is Krishna, then there is no need!

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