(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Melbourne, Australia, 2011) Lecture – Become a champion chanter

Lord Siva wanted to enter the pastimes of Lord Krishna and the gopis. So he took a form of a gopi and came to Vrindavan……………….. and just as he was about to sneak in, Krishna saw him and said:

“Oh, Lord Siva. How are you? I was just looking for you! There are so many intruders who try to sneak into this rasa dance. I just needed someone to stand guard, and you are the perfect person!

In this way Lord Siva became Gopīśvara. In Vrindavan we see this liṅgas called Gopīśvara of Lord Siva, who is guarding the rasa dance. In some days they are dressing up this liṅgas as a gopi, to remind them of how Lord Siva was trying to sneak in to this pastime.

So no one can enter, If Lord Siva cannot enter, than can we enter? It’s not so simple…..it’s not so easy!

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