(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Radhadesh, Belgium, 2011) Lecture – C.c Adi 7.20-21

Our security is our purity! That is our security. That is what we have. If the purity is there, then don’t worry since it will be taken care of….devotees will take care of anyone who has security. We don’t need to worry. Now is the era where people are afraid.

The other day, I spoke to a young grhastha who was getting ready for a professional career in the world. And I said:

“It’s not the only way! Actually there is another way and it’s very simple. You just go to some city and, you rent a house and open a preaching centre! Just preach and you live from preaching……it’s very simple. You don’t have to work! Why do you want to work? Just preach! You just live simple in the temple and everything will be fine. Why do you want a professional career? It’s not necessary, just preach”.

He said:

“My faith is not strong enough, that Krishna will provide”.

So it is a time when somehow or other we have lost faith collectively, because this spirit has died! And it works, I guarantee you. The only thing is purity. If one is a householder and goes out to preach, then one has to be renounced, since one cannot live it up at public expense. One has to make a sacrifice to live simple and to preach, but if we do, then everything will come, and then one can make an advancement so quickly!

So it’s an option…I’m only offering it as an option for those who are interested. It’s not like:

“Okay, all of us are giving up our jobs tomorrow, and that’s it……now only preaching centres”.

I won’t be so demanding, but there is so much to do….so much to do all over the world! There is no lack of opportunities, and Krishna will provide, undoubtedly and purity is the force!

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