(Kadamba Kanana Swami, June 2011)

Just imagine Krishna as the Supersoul and what He has to go through to be conscious of all these thoughts of all the living beings! Oh my God, just the thought of it makes my mind feel intense, and if I would know all the thoughts of everyone in this room, then that would really be too much!

Can you imagine Krishna knowing all the thoughts of all living beings, in all of the universes as well as the spiritual world! It’s just something else……inconceivable. But by just seeing the material universes, then Krishna has to deal with all these thoughts: The positive ones; the negative ones; the envious ones; the greedy ones, and so on. We would say:

“Oh no! Here we go again. Oh my God……oh no not greed again! Not anger again!”

If we read someone else’s thoughts, then it’s not only beautiful thoughts of nice poetry…..no! It can be all kinds of negative experiences. What to speak of the animal forms, such as Krishna being situated in the heart of the spider, that is sitting there in the sun waiting for the mosquito to fly into the net:

“And then I will wrap my sticky string around this mosquito and strangle him for a bit. When he is sufficiently flat for a while, than I’ll sting him with some poison, and I’ll suck him dry!”

What a consciousness, and Krishna has to tolerate all of this! So Krishna is extremely tolerant……extremely tolerant!

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