(Kadamba Kanana Swami, June 2011)

We are used to whatever we have – to always be a little bit empty, and therefore we always have an open eye to see if there is anything more we can get, to fill the vacuum that is in our heart. This is just a normal state of consciousness. So therefore Cāṇakya Paṇḍita explains about a girl and boys are the same. He was talking about a girl who was speaking to one man, looking at another, and thinking of the third! And that is the way conditioned souls are!

Conditioned souls are always looking for a little more, since we are never fulfilled with whatever we have. So this hunger is in us. So therefore we always see it in the shopping street, we see boys and girls walking hand in hand looking at others, which is quite common. Everyone has noticed it….I’m sure you have noticed it! That’s the way it is, because the heart is still unfulfilled. No matter what we have, we keep on looking at more…………….and maybe there is still something better than what we have:

“I will just drop what I have. I will take that better thing…yes!”

Like this…no, this the illusory energy, and it will never end….never! There will always be the illusion of something. Therefore, it is difficult to understand the eternal spiritual relationship with Krishna, that is completely fulfilling, and that is the case. There is no need for anything else. No other desire remains!

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