(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Radhadesh, Belgium, 2011) Lecture – BG.15.3-4

Krishna is extremely beautiful. It is a kind of beauty that reflects this purity. Generally speaking, beauty suggests purity. Even in the story of Putana who was a witch. Putana disguised herself as an extremely beautiful….almost like a goddess, and she just could do anything! She was so beautiful that everyone said:

“Oh, she must be a great personality!”

So even in this world, we associate beauty with a noble character. Of course, we see that Dasaratha got a little bit disillusioned with his beautiful Kaikeyi. Although she was beautiful on the outside, but she showed some envy in her character, that he was not expecting and it broke his heart.

So in the material world beauty is not always representing purity! But in the spiritual world it does, and therefore the beauty of the spiritual world is of another nature. So when we see Krishna’s whole appearance, it is extremely beautiful and at the same time it is reflecting His noble character. It’s different then the cold beauty of some sort of professional blonde who is being paid for endless photos and posing with different smiles and it looks like, she’s seen it all, done it all, and heard it all and knows it all…..and lost her innocence.

So in Krishna there is innocence and there is purity, because there is no hidden agenda in Krishna’s character. Krishna is a pure well wisher of all living beings, and His only interest is the wellbeing of all!

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