(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Leicester, UK, May 2011) Initiation Lecture

The spiritual master is also our friend. So if we get an instruction from the spiritual master which is difficult to follow, then we should reveal our mind to the spiritual master. We should not go before the spiritual master, and when the spiritual master asks:

“How are you?”

And you smile and say:

“Yes, I’m very well”.

And meanwhile we are struggling….no we should reveal our mind and take shelter, because the spiritual master can always change his instruction – he can adjust it. Some instructions cannot be changed, then he will explain all of this:

“This cannot be changed….not three and a half principles but four! “

That must be there. There are no loopholes. It’s fixed and carved in stone, like a straight line – that is there. So there is an intimate relationship….the relationship of trust, and that is important!

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