(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Leicester, UK, May 2011) Initiation Lecture

It is the time to make a commitment. A commitment to the truth…..a commitment to reality. For so many lifetimes we have been committed to illusions. For so many lifetimes we have chased false dreams. For so many times we have searched for happiness here and there…..and everywhere…..and what did we get? Each time again, we thought for a moment:


And then it didn’t work. Then again it slipped out of our hands before we knew….and then again we suffered, then we suddenly realise:

“What have I done?”

But again we tried again and again we tried to enjoy this illusory energy. Today we make a commitment. A commitment to hold on to the rope of transcendental knowledge! To firmly hold on to this rope, and no matter what happens, to never leave! To never ever leave for a moment this shelter of this transcendental rasas. We know that our spiritual master is fixed at the Lotus Feet of Krishna.

It is said that the etymological meaning of the word ‘guru’ is heavy. Not that the guru is a heavy personality who will chastise us – sometimes he will, but the heaviness of the guru is described as:

“The guru is fixed at the Lotus Feet of Krishna and he is so heavy that you cannot move him from that position! He will always be there.”

Therefore, whenever we turn to our spiritual master, we turn to Krishna, and thus we always again turn to our spiritual master because he will reconnect us with Krishna……….because our connection is feeble and weak. Yes, with the rope of transcendental knowledge, we are holding on but with a weak grip and so many times it is slipping from our hands! Then…then what will we do?

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