(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Melbourne, 2011)

It is said that if you do some other type of worship, let’s say that we are fasting and we are giving in charity, so we are doing austerities. With these, we are following a process to obtain the result. We go through the austerity and hope to gain a result. But it is said that in the chanting, we have already obtained the result, since the chanting itself is the result. Therefore, with this chanting it is the best process, because other processes, like meditation in the Satya-yuga was performed for what?

For getting a result of an alteration of consciousness, but the chanting is already there, because the darshan of the Lord is there…..the Lord is present while we are chanting!

Therefore, we have already attained in the chanting, which is to be understood. So the process is actually more direct, and we see that Krishna is manifesting His name, and therefore, this chanting is a special process!

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