(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Helsinki, Finland, 2011) Lecture – Nama Tattva Part IV

It is said that the three words namely ‘Hare, Krishna, Rama’, are the transcendental seeds of the maha mantra.

Sometimes we see that people chant the names of Krishna, and they mix it all up:

‘Govinda, Gopal, Morari, Hari’.

And we are hearing that all these names ‘Govinda, Gopal’ and so on are primary names that Krishna is having in his eternal spiritual activities and those names are equally powerful, than the name of Krishna!

One may have secondary names, such as where Krishna is described as the one who is doing something in this world -‘Jagat-pati’, the father of the universe or ‘Srstikarta’ – the one who is the ultimate doer behind the creation. So these are the secondary names of Krishna, who is doing some temporary work. But the eternal names like ‘Gopal’ and ‘Govinda’, are the primary names and those one must chant!

So if someone chants:

‘Gopal, Govinda, Krishna, Hare, Morari’.

Isn’t that nice? It is nice, but it is not as nice as the maha mantra. Because in the maha mantra there is a relationship – ‘Hare’ or the pleasure potency of Krishna is engaging in the service of the attractive Supreme Lord. And the result:

‘ramante yogino ’nante
satyānande cid-ātmani
iti rāma-padenāsau
paraṁ brahmābhidhīyate’
(Cc.Madhya 9.29)

The result is that we are experiencing transcendental happiness. So like that, the maha mantra is revealing a relationship. It is revealing the entire process of devotional service……everything is there! Therefore it cannot be changed! Some are thinking:

“Well, if we chant ‘Radhe Krishna, Radhe Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Radhe Radhe’, then that is even more intimate, than chanting Hare Krishna”.

Actually everything is there, because ‘Hare’ is referring to devotional service, and how that devotional service can capture Krishna! Because ‘Hare’ means to steal or to capture, so that devotional service can attract even the all attractive Krishna or in particularly the personality who is the personification of devotional service – is Srimati Radharani and is able to steal away Krishna. So therefore, the highest rasa is all there in the maha mantra! So the maha mantra is including the whole relationship!

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