(Kadamba Kanana Swami, June 2011)

Bhisma Dev was deep in his wisdom. He deeply understood the nature of the material world. Therefore Bhisma Dev was not attached. He was not attached to royal opulence. Bhisma Dev would say things like:

“I have been purchased by the wealth of Duryodhana”.

That was not a fact. Others maybe – yes. Others may have joined him because Duryodhana made them offers. This whole battle of Kuruksetra had different warriors who would take sides, and not only out of ideological reasons. No, there were often times when those who came first and proposed good offers:

“I’ll give you all this?”

“Okay, I’m on your side!”

A lot was simply based on monetary gain, and Bhisma referred to himself like that. The fact of the matter was that Bhisma was not interested in material enjoyment, and he proved that with his vow. Previously his name was ‘Devavratha’, which was given to him by birth. The name ‘Bhisma’ was given to him by a celestial voice, at the time when he made that vow to never get married. Devavratha, the great vowed that impossible vow of celibacy. When he made that vow, the demigods showered flowers upon him, and there was a celestial voice calling out:

“Bhisma – the terrible vow! He’s taking the terrible vow!”

So one cannot take that terrible vow, and simultaneously on another level be inclined towards enjoying the material energy, because then celibacy becomes impossible! One must give up the enjoying propensity. One must thoroughly give it up, if one actually wants to give up sex life, because otherwise, many types of enjoying mentality locks us in a train of emotions and thoughts, in the train of thinking feeling and willing, which will ultimately end in the final station called ‘sex’. And the train halts here and all passengers are meant to leave the train and:

“Don’t forget to take your belongings and get off here!”

That is the nature of the mind!

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