(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Stockholm, June 2011)

There are different types of benefits one can get. Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura in his own anubhasya – commentary on the Caitanya-caritamrta explains, that there is:

‘Karma-unmukhī sukṛti’. There is ‘mokṣa-unmukhī sukṛti’ and, ‘ bhakty-unmukhī sukṛti’
(C.c.Madhya 22.45)

He said:

“There are pious activities for which you will get material benefits. For example, if you are giving in charity for the poor. Or if you make wells for people to drink along the way. Or if you are making arrangements to take care of elderly people. All such kind of activities are pious activities, and such pious activities will give one a lot of advancement in the material world. Maybe not right away, but maybe in the next life, but one will benefit from that!

That is ‘Karma-unmukhī sukṛti’ – good karma, but more than that is, ‘mokṣa-unmukhī sukṛti,’ that one can engage in activities to become liberated from this world, especially by realising transcendental knowledge. If we have knowledge and understand that there is a beyond this temporary material energy, and that there is spirit….and that this spirit is more important, then when we are becoming fixed in such knowledge –‘mokṣa-unmukhī sukṛti’.‘Suktri’ – means benefit. So then we get the benefit that will lead to liberation. Vaisnavas don’t care! They don’t care for the temporary benefits of good karma. They say:

“I have no time for such benefits”.

They have to come back in the next life and be rich.

“I don’t have the time for that! Do I really have to come back to the next life and just get a beautiful home and beautiful things, and all these opulence? I have no time for that. I’m too busy in serving Krishna!”

Liberation – but then I can’t serve Krishna. Sorry I have no time for liberation. In this way:

“mukulitāñjali sevate” SB. 3.25.32) – when liberation comes with folded hands and says:

“Please accept me?”

“Sorry I have no time for you now. I am serving Krishna….I have no time!”

A vaisnava has no time. If you ask us:

“Do you have any time?”

“Sorry for what?”

“To come to a party on Saturday night?”

“Sorry, I have no time.”

“Anytime to work in my company?”

“Sorry no time. We have no time”.

We only have time for devotional service and if we work in your company then with all that money, I will spend it on Krishna! The point is that a vaisnava has only time for devotional service!

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