(Kadamba Kanana Swami, June 2011)

Only a proud man thinks that he can approach the Supreme Lord directly. A humble person understands:

“Who am I? Contaminated as I am with all the vices of the world – lust, greed, anger and envy. All these qualities are in me. Who am I to go before the Supreme Lord? Therefore I will serve His devotees who are very pure and fully dedicated to His pleasure. If they pray for me to the Lord, then surely the Lord will bestow His blessings upon me! Will He hear my prayer? I don’t know. Maybe if He hears it, then will He answer it with what I have done?”

And everyone for himself knows the truth about himself – yes he knows, since we all know about our shortcomings! Therefore, it is quite natural to turn to the devotees of the Lord(who give their life in service to the Lord) and then please these devotees, somehow or other. And if we please them somehow or other, then surely they will, pray, they will invoke the blessing of the Lord!

The Lord will say:

“Oh they pleased My devotees, so nicely!”

Then the Lord will certainly give me His blessings! So this is the way to really get the blessings of the Lord by serving His devotees!

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