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Harinama – A powerful preaching tool in South Africa

In order to promote the December book marathon in South Africa, HH Kadamba Kanana Swami invited 3 stalwart sankirtana devotees from the Czech Republic to tour the country with him during his recent visit there. These devotees were Vishnujana, Gourakaruna and Prahlad; each uniquely talented in their service.

Vishnujana is the drummer of the team and is expert in getting people to chant and dance; he is what you would call the ‘life of the party’. Gourakaruna is the flamboyant book distributor with a specially tailored bicycle that he carries around the world with him. This bicycle is equipped with a bag of books, a pair of kartalas, a vuvuzela (a traditional African horn), boxes of incense and is adorned with a flag of Hanuman. It bears resemblance to a transcendental chariot. Prahlad is the kirtana leader and accordion player who sings beautiful melodies continuously for hours.

The devotees traveled from Pretoria to Durban and then to Cape Town. In each of these cities, they would go out daily to the surrounding areas doing harinama and distributing books all day. In Durban, they aligned forces with HH Mahavishnu Swami and rocked the crowds at the beach. In Cape Town, they attracted hundreds of tourists in the city centre and thousands of locals on the beach with the Holy Name. Apart from their independent endeavours, they participated in many programs with Kadamba Kanana Swami and spiced-up the lively nature of the kirtanas.

It was a wonderful month exhibiting the pastimes of Lord Caitanya. Mercy was distributed freely and without discrimination. Here are some photos and videos displaying these adventures however they do not do justice in capturing the true spirit of these glorious sankirtana warriors!

kīrtanīyaḥ sadā harih


Harinama in Hammanskraal

Beach Harinama in Durban Part I

Beach Harinama in Durban Part II

MVSwami on stage

Shop Harinama Part I

Shop Harinama Part II

More Harinama

Ecstatic MVSwami Tune

Harinama in Cape Town

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