In South Africa, Kadamba Kanana Maharaja first visited the ISKCON temple in Pretoria, the country’s capital. Arriving there, Maharaja was warmly welcomed by the Pretoria devotees, as well as by three devotees from Czech, who are right now visiting South Africa to push forward the activities of book distribution, and Harinama during the Prabhupada December marathon.

Of course, already on the first day after arrival, the whole temple went out on a big Harinama through the inner city of Pretoria. It was ecstatic, dancing and singing all the way through, led by Kadamba Kanana Maharaja and by Prahlada Prabhu, one devotee of the Czech crew.

The next day the transcendental Harinama party continued their Sankirtana Yajna in a nearby township called Hammanskraal. There a whole group of children from the township joined the Harinama and brought live in the procession. The positive emotions towards the Harinama, that some of the people living there showed, were simply wonderful.

All in all it was a special experience of how Krishna Consciousness can spread great happiness amongst all the people here in South Africa.

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